With our 35 years plus of combined experience, we can guarantee that your project will be done on time with expertise and great care. We relocate and raise buildings, houses, cottages, sheds, barns, machinery, heavy equipment and all types of structures. We specialize in commercial and industrial projects and repairs.

What we do
Relocation of houses and buildings to accomodate new developments
Relocation of homes to a new location
Raising of structures for new foundation or levelling
Excavation of concrete foundations
Raising of roof over an existing building
Fully Insured
We provide comprehensive liability and structural road insurance during all projects.

Our services

Residential Services
Structure Raising
Raising of structures for new foundations or levelling
Relocation of homes and buildings to accommodate new developments and locations
Commercial Services
Industrial Contracting
Raising of existing buildings or structures to increase usable space
Interior floor leveling to minimize future damage and cracking
Equipment Management
Lifting, moving of heavy equipment
Cratering for relocation and transportation
Disaster Recovery
Oil spills clean-up and mitigation
Community Services
School boards
We offer relocation of portable class rooms, we purchase and remove portable class room.
Bridge and overpass shoring or levelling to effect repairs.

Properties for sale

$38,900.00 | Posted June 3, 2015
DIMENSIONS | 25' x 43'
LIVING SPACE | Not listed
$45,900.00 | Posted June 3, 2015
DIMENSIONS | 37' x 37'
LIVING SPACE | Not listed
Property 3
$36,850.00 | Posted April 1, 2015
DIMENSIONS | 24' x 27'
LIVING SPACE | 1100 square feet
Wendover #1
$37,900.00 | Posted November 21, 2014
DIMENSIONS | 24' x 39'
LIVING SPACE | 940 square feet
Innes Rd #3
$22,900.00 | Posted November 21, 2014
DIMENSIONS | 24' x 38'
LIVING SPACE | 915 square feet

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